Should you get rid of moles in your yard?

One of the many treasures of owning a home with a yard is the chance to cultivate a thriving garden. However, achieving this dream may be compromised by small subterranean mammals such as moles. These creatures can cause significant damage to your yard, but should you get rid of them? Metro Wildlife Control helps answer this question.


Understanding the Impact of Moles in Your Garden

Moles, while small in size, can have a substantial impact on the gardening experience due to their burrowing habits. They create extensive underground tunnels in their search for food, which primarily consists of earthworms and insects. Unfortunately, the aftermath of their tunneling can leave your landscape with an unsightly and uneven appearance.


Aside from the aesthetic impact, moles can also indirectly affect the health of your plants. As they create their burrow systems, they often dislodge plants and bulbs, disrupting their roots and potentially leading to their death. This could be disastrous if you are growing prized plants or maintaining a vegetable garden.


However, it’s important to note that moles also have a positive impact on garden health. Their tunneling aerates the soil, which can improve its quality and fertility. Plus, by feeding on insects and larvae, they help control pests that could damage your plants.

Evaluating the Need to Remove Moles from Your Yard

Deciding whether or not to remove moles from your yard boils down to weighing the pros and cons. If the aesthetic damage and potential harm to your plants outweigh the benefits of soil aeration and pest control, then mole removal might be the best course of action.


Professional mole removal services, such as those offered by Metro Wildlife Control, can provide a humane and efficient solution. These services are particularly beneficial if you’ve got an extensive mole infestation that’s causing significant damage to your yard.


However, if the presence of moles is not causing significant distress or damage, you may opt to live harmoniously with these creatures. After all, they are part of our ecosystem and play a role in maintaining the balance of nature.

In conclusion, the decision to remove moles from your yard isn’t a straightforward one. It’s a balance between maintaining the visual appeal and health of your garden, and acknowledging the ecological benefits moles provide. If you do decide that mole removal is necessary, be sure to engage professionals like Metro Wildlife Control to ensure a humane and efficient process. Remember, the right choice will always depend on your specific situation and preferences, so make an informed decision.

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