Wildlife Exclusion

Simply put, wildlife exclusion is keeping animals out of an area-excluding them from it.  This is done very generically by putting up a fence to say, keep a dog in the yard.   Wildlife and Pest exclusion for a home or business is the same concept. 

What is a Wildlife Exclusion?

Except instead of trying to keep something in, we’re trying to keep it out. Home exclusion is a process in which holes and other entry points to your property are fixed and sealed, in order to prevent the infestation of rodents, insects, and other wildlife. When it comes to keeping unwanted pests and animals out of your home, the right preventative strategies are essential and can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. Our team of wildlife control professionals will fully assess your home and fortify your home’s structure, foundation, and entryways. Book a Phone Consultation to learn more.

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July 31, 2022
Sandy Hatton
Sandy Hatton
From the initial call and thought the trapping process, each associate was professional, kind and prompt. I appreciate the time and efforts Metro took to keep me informed and educated. I will recommend Metro to all of my friends and neighbors. Thank you! And … good bye armadillos!
Diane Melton
Diane Melton
Caleb was the best. Always communicated the issues and the plan very clearly. I was always notified of the schedule well in advance. And most importantly the issue is resolved. I highly recommend!
Andrew Cromey
Andrew Cromey
Metro was professional, prompt, knowledgeable and friendly. Caleb was our guy and he did a great job. We would absolutely use them again or refer to a friend.
Gary Crickenberger
Gary Crickenberger
Caleb was prompt, courteous, and he fully explained everything he was going to do and what he found. Very satisfied with his service.
Kim Caver
Kim Caver
Metro has been wonderful from the first phone consultation through the exclusion and trapping service. Caleb is a wonderful technician. He is knowledgeable and patient about sharing that knowledge. He definitely makes the process stress free. I would recommend Caleb and the entire Metro team to anyone with a wildlife issue.
James Rumchak
James Rumchak
Personnel with Metro were excellent in their handling of the very necessary problem I was experiencing on my property.
Nicole G
Nicole G
They were no longer taking on new clients in our area but they took the time to walk me through what I should do to catch the moles in our own without needing any additional help. Now we can catch any moles that come into our yard and it was a lost more cost effective.
RicKelia Poinsette
RicKelia Poinsette
I heard loud noises on the roof. 🫣 Metro Wildlife and Pest Control came out, checked around my house and in my attic. I appreciate them coming and for all the information they provided. I know who to call if I suspect I have any uninvited guest. Thanks again. ☺️

Wildlife Removal Services We Offer

Metro Wildlife and Pest is a full-service wildlife control, removal and remediation company. If your home or property has been taken over by unwanted pests, we will use the most humane animal removal methods possible and provided home exclusion to ensure they don’t come back.

Bat Removal

Bats may be beneficial for the ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean they need to live in your attic! We can provide home exclusion to remove and relocate bats with ease.

Rat Removal Charleston

Rat Removal

Rats love to be around humans, where the food is plentiful. If you have rats in your home, it’s important to have wildlife control services as soon as possible.

Raccons Removal

Raccoons are scavengers that like to make their nests in attics, sheds, and other human dwellings. Conventional animal trappers may unnecessarily harm them

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels may be cute, but they can create quite a mess. If you have squirrels nesting in your attic, our wildlife removal service can take care of them quickly.

Pest Exclusion & Animal Exclusion Tips

Depending on the animal in question, you may wish to reinforce areas of your home such as rooflines, roof returns, soffits, pipe and utility openings, chimneys, vent openings, fences, and any cracks or gaps in your foundation. Most animals are searching for a warm, dry, safe place to live, and may be persistent in their attempts to infiltrate your home, which can expose you and your family to diseases. Many mammals can burrow, dig, chew, scratch, or otherwise destroy your property as a way to get inside. Because many wild animals are clever and agile, as well as relentless, it’s important to reach out to a qualified wildlife control company about their home exclusion services. It could be the best investment you’ll ever make!

Metro Wildlife is on your side in the fight against invasive animals. We offer free inspections, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and ask us about our home exclusion offerings.

Wildlife Exclusions: A Humane and Effective Solution for Wildlife Pests

Wildlife pests can cause damage to your property, pose a threat to your health, and create a mess with their droppings. At Metro Wildlife Pest Control, we believe in providing a humane and effective solution for wildlife pests, through our wildlife exclusion services.

Wildlife Exclusion Service: Keep Wildlife Pests Out of Your Property

Our wildlife exclusion service is designed to keep wildlife pests out of your property, in a humane and safe manner. Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and techniques to identify entry points, install exclusion barriers, and prevent future wildlife pests from entering your property.

Wildlife Exclusion Services: Protect Your Home and Family

At Metro Wildlife Pest Control, we understand the importance of protecting your home and family from wildlife pests. Our wildlife exclusion services are designed to solve your wildlife problems in a timely, safe, and humane manner. Contact us today to get started.

Humane Wildlife Exclusion: Protect Wildlife and Your Property

Our humane wildlife exclusion services are designed to protect both wildlife and your property. We believe in providing a humane solution that not only solves your wildlife problems, but also protects the well-being of wildlife. Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and techniques to exclude wildlife pests in a safe and humane manner.

Wildlife Pests: Get Rid of Them with Metro Wildlife Pest Control

Wildlife pests can cause damage to your property, pose a threat to your health, and create a mess with their droppings. At Metro Wildlife Pest Control, we are here to help you get rid of these pests, and protect your home and family. Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and techniques to handle any kind of wildlife situation in a safe and humane manner.

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