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Numbering billions, rats and mice are believed to be the most populous mammals. These nuisance pests are found in every continent – except Antarctica. In the southeastern parts of North America, rodents are one of the most problematic animals residents have to handle. Why? Their high adaptability and fecundity make them challenging to handle. For example, a pair of rats can explode to a population of 1,250 in a single year! This makes rat exterminator and rat removal service a necessary service in most of the world. 

Behavior & Risk of Rats

While there are different species of rodents, the three most common pest species in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida include Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice. Some of the problems they cause homeowners include:

  1. Rat infestation in the attic, walls, and under the house..
  2. Rat droppings in buildings and water collection areas
  3. Rat problem creating scratching sounds (usually at night) 
  4. Rat infestation destroying wood, wires, and pipes. 
  5. Rat problem usually damages the insulation with their droppings. 
  6. Rat infestation creates a risk of several zoonotic diseases like Hantavirus, Rat-bite fever, Salmonella, and leptospirosis, among many others. 

Little wonder residents dealing with rat infestation are usually keen to get the problem under control promptly. Metro Wildlife and Pest Control have gained a reputation as the best rat control company in the southeastern region of the United States. Our approach to rat control is guaranteed to grant you the results you desire. And in this post, we share our methodology. 

But first, it’s essential to know why rodents are attracted to your property. Understanding these factors may eliminate the need for rat control or rat extermination service. 

Believe it or not, it boils down to two things: food and shelter. 

  • Food 

Rats and mice are non-picky eaters. In the wild, rodents eat fruits, plants, and seeds. But when they adapt to human settlements, rats and mice will also feed on garbage, meat, pet food, and any human food they come across. Hence, if there’s easy access to food on your property, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see rat droppings and other indications of a rat problem. 

  • Shelter

For thousands of years, rodents have learned that they can get better living conditions residing near human settlements. The warmth, safety, and proximity to food provided by inhabited buildings make them a hotspot for a rat population, from the attic to under the house to the chimney. That’s why rats and mice will promptly take advantage of tiny cracks in buildings to find the perfect spot indoors to build their nest.  That’s also why a professional rat exterminator is usually necessary for a rat infestation. They’re incredibly smart and crafty.

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Rat Removal Charleston
July 31, 2022
Pat Smith
Pat Smith
Excellent service.
Eugene Evanss
Eugene Evanss
Unknown to us, some pigeons had made our attic their home for years. The waste they had accumulated was downright disgusting - and, as I would soon discover, a severe health risk. Anyways, we only noticed the problem when I went to the attic to trace a leaky pipe. I was shocked by the amount of bird waste I saw. I promptly called this company, and they sent technicians to perform a full attic restoration. After they were done, you could not tell that I was dealing with a severe bird problem just the previous day. I was pleased with their service, and the price was worth it!
Sylvia Dorsey
Sylvia Dorsey
Andrew is a kind person and does a good job.He explain what he’s doing?If you need someone from Metro Wildlife ask for Andrew B.
Mike Prystowsky
Mike Prystowsky
Excellent service. Communicated well and eliminated the mole problem in my yard which was most important to me. The people were very informative and nice to talk with. They were prompt and came when scheduled. The service was expensive which is my only negative but all other aspects of my experience were positive.

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Rat Removal Charleston

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Rat Removal and Rat Extermination Methods

To deal with a rat infestation problem accurately, you need a robust understanding of rat infestations and their behavior. Over the years, we at Metro Wildlife and Pest Control have honed our knowledge and developed a robust and effective rat removal service. Here are some of our best tips for rodent control.  If you’d like to attempt a diy rat extermination and forgo potential rat removal cost, below are some tips: 

  • Eliminate attractants

The first step toward being a successful rat exterminator is eliminating what attracts them to your property. 

This means cutting off access to easy food. How? 

  1. Secure your garbage cans properly. A professional rat exterminator will engage in Integrated Pest Control. Removing the food source is usually step 1

  2. Take pet food indoors, especially at night. Replacing them with bait stations is a good idea, but make sure the home is sealed up.

  3. Sweep away seeds from under your birdfeeder. Pest control companies will usually recommend removing the bird feeders entirely until the rat extermination is complete

  4. Protect fruits and plants in your garden. This may not always be possible a pest control companies will often recommend skipping a year of planting so that the rat extermination can be completed. 

Secondly, a rat control service will recommend you find and seal off potential entry holes. That way, you make sure there’s absolutely no way for them to get in. Note that a mouse can fit through a hole as small as 6 mm while a rat can fit through a 20 mm hole. Rat removal requires a keen eye. You have to thoroughly inspect your property to locate tiny holes before sealing them with caulk or non-chewable steel. Other potential entry holes to look out for are overlapping tile roofs, spaces between vent pipes, and broken sewer systems, among many others may be needed for effective rat removal.

  • Trapping

Trapping provides a cheap way to handle a rodent infestation problem. However, setting effective traps is a skill set. Working with professionals like Metro Wildlife and Pest Control is a great idea. Suggested baits include peanut butter, whole nuts, berries, bacon, or dry fruits. The different types of traps include:

  • Snap traps (generic rat traps)

These are the oldest types of rodent traps. They work by delivering a powerful compressive punch once the rodent picks up the bait. They often kill the animal quickly, making them a humane option.

  • Electric traps

These are new traps that deliver a lethal electric shock when a rat or mouse gets into them. It is also humane.  Note to the diy rat removal reader-They are quite expensive and their use will drive up homeowner rat exterminator cost. 

  • Glue Boards

Glue Boards are boards with hard adhesive on them. Once the rat steps on the board, they become stuck. After that, the rat or mouse can be killed by hitting the head. Because captured rats or mice can be left struggling for days, this method is generally considered inhumane.  Because they are inexpensive, they will keep rat exterminator cost down and can be used if other trapping attempts fail.

  • Rodenticides

Rodenticides are poisons used to kill rats and mice. However, they are not recommended unless deployed properly. The average homeowner will use this as their first method in a diy rat removal in order to eliminate rat exterminator cost but this is usually a mistake.  While the posion will eliminate rats, it will not control where they die, which is often in the walls. This will create a smell that can last weeks.

  • Decontamination and Repairs

After dealing with a rodent problem, the next stage is a thorough clean-up. This involves rat fumigation, clearing away their droppings, nesting materials, and more. Wearing gloves is vital to prevent the spread of diseases-especially if there have been multiple rats. After that, the entire space must be decontaminated. 

Finally, all necessary repairs must be performed. This may include replacing soiled insulation, fixing woods and wires, and more. Any pest control company has a service to get rid of rats, our service however, is the most complete and is usually lower than comparable rat exterminator costs.

Rodent Control Metro at Wildlife and Pest Control

Are you in need of quality rodent control in SC, NC, Savannah, GA, or Jacksonville, FL? Contact us now at Metro Wildlife and Pest Control to put a permanent end to your rodent infestation problems!

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