Wildlife Damage Repairs

Wild critters are fundamentally problematic because of the damage they cause. Once animals like raccoons, rodents, or squirrels find their way into your attic, they will chew on wood and wires and soil the insulation with their droppings. Bats in the chimney will pollute the entire area with acidic and disease-inflicting droppings (guano). Raccoons under the house will dig burrows that will threaten the foundation of a building… and lots more. 

Effective Wildlife Damage repair

For decades, Metro Wildlife and Pest Control have helped homeowners handle wildlife damage repairs effectively. In this post, we explore common wildlife repairs in the southeastern part of the United States. 

  • Attic restoration

Lots of nuisance wildlife love residing in the attic because of the safety and warmth. Unfortunately, these nuisance animals will tear up insulation, wires, and wood. They will also soil the entire space with their droppings.  Home owners can commonly hear noises coming from their attic as the wild animals up there take up residence.

Attic restoration involves correcting all these damages. First off, all droppings and nesting materials must be removed. Then the entire space is decontaminated to kill pathogens. Other repairs may include replacing soiled insulation, fixing up damaged wires and pipes, and more. 

  • Chimney repairs

Animals like bats and raccoons reside in the chimney when given a chance. More often than not, they get in through a damaged or absent chimney cap or missing bricks on the chimney. Hence, repairs may include fixing a new chimney cap or replacing damaged bricks in the chimney wall. 

  • Crawlspace repairs

Animals like skunks and groundhogs reside under the house. The holes they dig may weaken the foundations of a building. After removing these nuisance animals and cleaning up the polluted space, it’s essential to restore the crawlspace. This involves sealing all dug-out holes with gravel to prevent other animals from residing there. 

  • Sealing and reinforcement

Wild animals get access to buildings through all kinds of holes. Rats and mice, for instance, can squeeze through holes smaller than 20 mm. Stronger animals like raccoons will take advantage of vulnerable spots around the building to break in. 

Sealing and reinforcement provide a way to prevent that from happening. In most instances, hardware cloth is used to seal large holes, while the caulk is used to close smaller holes. 

  • Gutter cleaning

Birds like pigeons build their nest in gutters. With time, these nesting materials accumulate, blocking the free flow of water, which rapidly deteriorates the gutter, leading to leaks. Gutter cleaning helps to prevent such blockages and deterioration. 

  • Roof repairs

Wild critters also take advantage of the roof to gain access to the attic. Some animals can chew boreholes through the roof, leading to water leakage and mold growth. Roof repairs fix these damaged spots on the roof.

  • Restoring air quality

Accumulated animal droppings and urine have a stench that reduces air quality. Sometimes, their droppings can pose severe health risks. For instance, bat guano may release fungal spores that can cause histoplasmosis, a lung-related condition. That’s why proper clean-up, decontamination, and deodorization of the property are needed after wildlife removal. 

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July 31, 2022
Sandy Hatton
Sandy Hatton
From the initial call and thought the trapping process, each associate was professional, kind and prompt. I appreciate the time and efforts Metro took to keep me informed and educated. I will recommend Metro to all of my friends and neighbors. Thank you! And … good bye armadillos!
Diane Melton
Diane Melton
Caleb was the best. Always communicated the issues and the plan very clearly. I was always notified of the schedule well in advance. And most importantly the issue is resolved. I highly recommend!
Andrew Cromey
Andrew Cromey
Metro was professional, prompt, knowledgeable and friendly. Caleb was our guy and he did a great job. We would absolutely use them again or refer to a friend.
Gary Crickenberger
Gary Crickenberger
Caleb was prompt, courteous, and he fully explained everything he was going to do and what he found. Very satisfied with his service.
Kim Caver
Kim Caver
Metro has been wonderful from the first phone consultation through the exclusion and trapping service. Caleb is a wonderful technician. He is knowledgeable and patient about sharing that knowledge. He definitely makes the process stress free. I would recommend Caleb and the entire Metro team to anyone with a wildlife issue.
James Rumchak
James Rumchak
Personnel with Metro were excellent in their handling of the very necessary problem I was experiencing on my property.
Nicole G
Nicole G
They were no longer taking on new clients in our area but they took the time to walk me through what I should do to catch the moles in our own without needing any additional help. Now we can catch any moles that come into our yard and it was a lost more cost effective.
RicKelia Poinsette
RicKelia Poinsette
I heard loud noises on the roof. 🫣 Metro Wildlife and Pest Control came out, checked around my house and in my attic. I appreciate them coming and for all the information they provided. I know who to call if I suspect I have any uninvited guest. Thanks again. ☺️

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