How much does it cost to catch a squirrel?

Squirrels may appear harmless and even cute from a distance, but if they take up residence on your property, they can become quite a nuisance. Many homeowners, plagued by the incessant gnawing, noise, and potential damage caused by these small rodents, find themselves wondering, "How much does it cost to catch a squirrel?" The question, however, doesn’t have a straightforward answer as the costs vary, depending on several factors. Metro Wildlife Control provides a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. This article will enlighten you about the same.

Analyzing the Costs Involved in Catching a Squirrel


The cost of catching a squirrel is influenced by numerous factors. One of the primary variables is the severity of the infestation. A single squirrel causing trouble in your garden might be relatively inexpensive to deal with, but if a family of squirrels has made a home in your attic, the costs can quickly escalate.

The method of capture also influences the total cost. Live trapping, where the squirrel is captured and then relocated, is a popular and humane method but could be more expensive due to the additional steps involved. On the other hand, lethal trapping or poison might be cheaper but come with ethical and environmental implications.

Finally, the location of the squirrel’s nest can also impact the cost. If the squirrels have nested in an easily accessible area, the cost of removal will be lower. However, if the nest is located in hard-to-reach areas like inside walls or attics, the removal process can be labor-intensive and thus more costly.

Breakdown of Expenses for Squirrel Trapping Endeavors

Trapping Equipment

Despite the various factors to consider, it’s possible to provide a general breakdown of the expenses associated with trapping squirrels. The initial consultation fee with a pest control agency is usually around $100-$200. This covers the inspection of your property to identify the extent of the infestation, the species of squirrel, and potential entry points.

The trapping equipment itself, if you’re planning on attempting the removal yourself, can range from $20 for a basic trap to over $100 for a professional-grade model. If you choose to hire a professional, the trapping and removal service fees can range from $200 to $500 depending on the complexity of the job.

Lastly, there are the cleanup and repair costs. Squirrels can cause significant damage by gnawing on wood and electrical wires, and leaving behind droppings. Cleanup and repair costs can range anywhere from $200 to $1000 or more, depending on the extent of the damage.

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In conclusion, the cost of catching a squirrel can vary widely depending on numerous factors. While it might be tempting to attempt the task yourself to save money, it’s important to remember that improper handling can lead to more damage and potential harm to both the homeowner and the squirrel. Therefore, consulting with or hiring a professional is often the safest and most effective method. Knowing the costs involved can help you budget accordingly and regain the peace and safety of your home.

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