How do you get rid of a yard full of moles?

If you notice a network of raised ridges crisscrossing your lawn, you may have a mole problem. While they’re a sign of healthy soil teeming with insects, moles can disrupt your yard’s aesthetic and cause damage. Understanding mole behavior and its impact on your yard is the first step towards mole removal. Many homeowners opt for professional services like Metro Wildlife Control to ensure humane and effective solutions.

Mole Hills

Understanding Mole Behavior and Its Impact on Your Yard

Moles are solitary creatures that prefer to spend their time underground, where they hunt for earthworms and insects. Their digging activities can displace soil, leading to the formation of molehills and raised ridges that can spoil the aesthetics of your yard. Furthermore, mole tunnels can cause damage to the roots of plants and grass, resulting in yellowing or wilting.

Mole Tunnels

Moles are generally harmless to humans and pets. However, their presence in your yard might attract other wildlife, such as snakes, which feed on moles and can pose a risk. Understanding the mole’s behavior is crucial in identifying signs of their presence and getting rid of them effectively.

Effective Strategies for Mole Removal and Yard Restoration

One effective strategy for mole removal is trapping. There are several types of mole traps available, including scissor traps and harpoon traps. Be sure to check local regulations about trapping before proceeding. Placement of the traps is key to success. Look for active tunnels—those with recent digging activity, as identified by fresh mounds of soil.

Trapping Moles

Another option is to use repellents to deter moles from your yard. There are both chemical and natural repellents available. Natural repellents include substances with strong scents like castor oil, while chemical repellents typically contain ingredients such as thiram. Remember to apply repellents consistently and across a wide area to be effective.

Once the moles have been removed, restoring your landscape can be a significant task. The first step is to flatten the molehills and fill in the tunnels. Then, reseed any bare spots with grass seed and water regularly. In time, your yard will recover and regain its former beauty.

Remember, patience is key when dealing with moles. It might take some time to completely eradicate them from your yard. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to call in professionals who specialize in mole removal. At Metro Wildlife Control, we ensure humane and effective removal services to restore the beauty of your yard.

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