Can you have moles and gophers at the same time?

Whether you’re a homeowner with a well-manicured lawn or a farmer with crops to protect, moles and gophers can be a cause for concern. These burrowing creatures can cause extensive damage to yards and gardens, and it’s not uncommon to find both species infesting the same area. Furthermore, the task of managing them can become even more challenging when they co-exist. If you’re dealing with these pests, getting professional help like Metro Wildlife Control might be the best course of action.


Understanding Moles and Gophers Co-existence

Moles and gophers are two distinct species, yet they inhabit similar environments and have overlapping habitats. Both creatures are adept at tunneling and can survive in a variety of soil types. Their co-existence is often an indicator of a healthy ecosystem, as their burrowing activities can contribute to soil aeration and nutrient recycling.

However, from a human perspective, their co-existence can become troublesome. While moles primarily feed on insects and earthworms, gophers are herbivores and can cause severe damage to plants and crops. These unique dietary preferences mean that having both these animals simultaneously does not lead to competition for resources, further facilitating their co-existence.

Despite their co-existence, the methods for controlling moles and gophers differ significantly. Hence, it’s crucial to identify the specific pest accurately before implementing any control measures. Professionals from wildlife control services can assist in correctly identifying and managing these pests.


Assessing the Impact of Simultaneous Infestation

A simultaneous infestation of moles and gophers can cause substantial damage to your lawn or garden. Moles create complex tunnel systems and mounds that can disfigure your landscape, while gophers can destroy plants and crops by feeding on their roots. Hence, a dual infestation can be particularly detrimental.

Besides causing physical damage, these pests can also have indirect implications. For instance, the tunnel systems created by moles and gophers can cause soil instability, leading to uneven surfaces and potential accidents. Moreover, these burrows might attract other pests, like snakes and rats, further exacerbating the problem.

Effective management of a simultaneous mole and gopher infestation involves a comprehensive approach. It includes accurate identification of pests, implementing targeted control measures, and ongoing monitoring to prevent re-infestation. Professional wildlife control services can provide effective solutions to tackle this issue.


In conclusion, it’s entirely possible, and even likely, to have moles and gophers living simultaneously in your yard or garden. Their unique dietary habits and overlapping habitats facilitate their co-existence, often to the detriment of your green spaces. Managing a dual infestation requires a thorough understanding of these creatures and an effective strategy for their removal and prevention. Consequently, seeking professional wildlife control services like Metro Wildlife Control can be a wise decision for the health and aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

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