Can squirrels do damage to your house?

Squirrels might seem harmless with their bushy tails and playful demeanor, but they can potentially cause significant damage to your house. These agile creatures are known for their ability to reach almost every part of your property, but it’s when they make their way into your home that real problems can occur. This article, brought to you by Metro Wildlife Control, aims to shed light on the potential damage squirrels can cause and how you can take preventive measures to protect your property.

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Understanding the Potential Damage Squirrels Can Cause to Homes

Squirrels are known to be very persistent in their quest for food and shelter, often leading them to invade residential homes. Once inside, they can cause considerable damage. The primary concern is their gnawing habit, which can lead to structural damage. Squirrels can chew through wood, electrical wiring, insulation, and more. This not only poses a potential fire risk but can also cause expensive repairs.

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Apart from structural damage, squirrels can also pose serious health risks. Their urine and feces can contaminate insulation and other materials in your home, causing unpleasant odors and attracting other pests. Additionally, squirrels can carry ticks, fleas, and other parasites, which can be a threat to the health of your family and pets.

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Preventive Measures to Protect Your Property From Squirrels

To protect your home from potential damage caused by squirrels, it’s essential to take preventive measures. First and foremost, seal all possible entry points. Squirrels can squeeze through small holes, so it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect your home for any gaps or cracks and seal them promptly.

Keeping your yard clean and free from potential food sources is also essential. Remove fallen fruit from trees, secure trash bins, and don’t leave pet food outside. You should also consider trimming branches that are too close to your house, as they provide easy access for squirrels.

A humane and effective way to deter squirrels from your property is to use squirrel repellents. These products are usually made with natural ingredients that squirrels find unpleasant but are non-harmful to the animals. Also, installing squirrel-proof bird feeders can eliminate an enticing food source for these pests.

In conclusion, while squirrels might seem like harmless visitors, they can cause significant damage to your home. It’s crucial to understand the potential risks and take preventive measures to safeguard your property. If you’re experiencing issues with squirrels or other wildlife, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals for advice and assistance. At Metro Wildlife Control, we specialize in humane and effective wildlife removal and prevention services.

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