Bye-bye moles: Columbia’s tricky turf takedown!

Moles might look cute, but they can be a severe nuisance in Columbia, SC. The tunnels they create underground can destroy lawns, gardens, and golf courses. Unfortunately, mole infestations are on the rise in Columbia, and it is essential to take action to control their population. In this article, we will discuss the damage caused by moles, effective techniques for eradicating mole infestations, and how Metro Wildlife and Pest Control can help.

The Rise of Mole Infestations in Columbia, SC

Moles are small mammals that live underground and create tunnels as they dig for food. They are attracted to moist soil and can thrive in Columbia’s humid climate. Mole infestations have become more common in Columbia due to urbanization and deforestation, which have disrupted their natural habitats. Additionally, the mild winters in Columbia allow moles to reproduce year-round, resulting in a higher population.

Understanding the Damage Caused by Mole Tunnels

Moles may not eat plants, but their tunneling activity can cause significant damage to lawns and gardens. The soil that they excavate can create unsightly mounds, and the tunnels can be dangerous for humans and pets to walk on. Moreover, mole tunnels can disrupt the roots of plants, causing them to wilt and die. Golf courses are also at risk as mole tunnels can damage the turf, creating holes and causing an uneven playing surface.

Effective Techniques for Eradicating Mole Infestations

There are several methods for controlling mole infestations, and the most effective one depends on the severity of the problem. One technique is to use traps, which are placed in active tunnels and capture the mole when it passes by. Another approach is to use repellents, which deter moles from entering a specific area. Lawn treatments, such as applying insecticides, can also be effective at reducing the mole’s food source. It’s important to note that controlling mole infestations can be challenging, and it may require multiple methods to achieve the desired results.

Yard Mole Removal

How Metro Wildlife and Pest Control Can Help

Metro Wildlife and Pest Control is a professional pest control company that specializes in removing moles and other wildlife from residential and commercial properties. Their team of experts can identify the extent of the mole infestation and recommend the best treatment plan. They use humane trapping methods that do not harm the mole, and their services come with a guarantee. Metro Wildlife and Pest Control is committed to protecting your property from mole damage and preserving the environment.

Moles can cause significant damage to lawns and gardens, and it’s essential to take action to control their population. Effective techniques for eradicating mole infestations include traps, repellents, and lawn treatments. If you have a mole infestation in Columbia, SC, Metro Wildlife and Pest Control can help. With their expertise and humane trapping methods, they can protect your property from mole damage and preserve the environment. Don’t let moles ruin your lawn – call Metro Wildlife and Pest Control today.

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