Raccoon Removal

Behavior & Risk of Raccoons in Your Home

Out of all the animals that tend to invade people’s homes, raccoons are some of the most aggressive and destructive. This is why it’s vital that you call our Charleston raccoon removal team as soon as possible, if you suspect one of these unwanted visitors. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that are excellent climbers and problem solvers, making them sometimes challenging to remove. They are capable of destroying shingles, crawl space covers, drywall, and other materials, and often leave quite a smelly mess in whatever area they occupy. Raccoons also often carry infectious viral and bacterial diseases that could be putting your family at risk.

Raccoon Removal Process

Thankfully, raccoon removal is usually a straightforward process, especially if it’s just a single animal, taking only a few days. In the cases of nursing mothers, or particularly clever raccoons, however, the process may take longer. But no matter what, you can count on the team at Metro Wildlife to handle it. We’ll take care to fully inspect your property, trap the animal(s), and repair the damage in order to deter future intrusions. We also offer cleanup and sanitation services, after the animal is removed. Raccoons typically create new entry points in roofs or between walls, and your home may need special reinforcements or monitoring, in order to control the issue.

Metro Wildlife is here for you when you need the best raccoon removal services in the Charleston area. Don’t put up with the mess, noise, or health risks that come with an unwanted raccoon any longer! We offer free inspections, so reach out and schedule yours today.

Recommended Services

Clean Up

Raccoon droppings can be dangerous if inhaled as dust. We highly recommend a cleanup of your attic or crawl space area. We will remove any droppings we find to help reduce odor and disease.


The sanitation process will help reduce any lingering odors and will also kill any parasites the raccoons may have left behind. It may not be possible to remove droppings from inaccessible areas.

Bait Station Treatment

Raccoons suppress the rat population through predation. Once the raccoons are removed, the rat population will be unchecked by predators and usually will become noticeably higher.