Flying Squirrel Removal  

Flying squirrels are a fascinating species despite their small size (8.5 to 1.5 inches for adults, including their tail). Although they do not practically fly, their ability to glide over 150 feet in the air makes them a joy to behold. However, when they find their way into your garden, yard, attic, or chimney, they can cause innumerable damages.

Risks and Behaviors of Flying Squirrel Removal

Located in the eastern half of North America, residents of South Carolina, Savannah, and Georgia typically encounter this nuisance species. Some of their detrimental consequences include:


  • Noise Disturbance

Unlike other squirrel species, flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures. Their activeness at night means noise disturbance as they make several chirping sounds and move around the building. 


  • Damaging buildings

Flying squirrels will reside in the attic, chimney, and even within the walls when given a chance. They will chew on wood, weakening the structural integrity of the building. They will also chew on wires, posing severe fire hazards.


  • Pollution.

Flying squirrels leave lots of waste behind – from droppings to urine to nesting materials. Their poop and urine pollute the attic insulation, and the noisome smell will find its way into your living space.  


  • Risk of diseases

Flying squirrels are carriers of a wide array of diseases. Examples of these diseases include flying squirrel typhus, parasites, notoedric mange, and cat scratch fever. Some of these diseases pose health risks to pets and humans. 


Control measures for flying squirrels

Are you frustrated with the flying squirrel infestation? Try out the following:


  • Eliminate potential food and shelter

The number one reason for wildlife infestation is easy access to food and shelter. That’s why it’s essential to keep your yard free of easy food. Ensure you remove seeds from under your birdfeeder. Pick up fallen fruits from your garden. Properly secure your trash cans. Never deliberately feed flying squirrels – they will come back! 


Moreover, ensure that you seal all potential entry holes into your property. Flying squirrels are smaller than gray squirrels. Hence, you need to identify tiny holes and seal them up to prevent the entry of this nuisance species. 


  • Exclusion

Exclusion is usually a good approach if you have flying squirrels in your attic. Seal up all entry holes into your attic and leave one open. Install an exclusion device in the last hole to prevent the reentry of flying squirrels once they go through that hole. 


  • Trapping and relocation

A repeater can be used to capture nuisance flying squirrels on your property. This kind of trap is perfect because it can help capture many flying squirrels. The captured animals can then be relocated to at least 5 miles away. 


  • Clean Up and Repairs

As stated earlier, flying squirrels leave lots of waste. Cleaning up this waste is essential to prevent building deterioration and eliminate the risk of diseases. Ensure you put on appropriate clothing and gloves before cleaning up. Pick up all droppings, nesting materials, and other wastes, securing them in a plastic bag. The entire area should also be disinfected with an enzyme-based cleaner to kill pathogens. 


It’s also crucial to fix all damages wreaked by flying squirrels. This may include replacing soiled insulation or wood or wires. It may also involve reinforcing vulnerable points to prevent reentry in the future. 


Flying Squirrel Removal With Metro Wildlife and Pest Control

Do you have flying squirrels in your attic, chimney, walls, or your property? Are you tired of the damages they have wreaked? Contact us today at Metro Wildlife and Pest Control to eliminate nuisance flying squirrels from your property. We provide our flying squirrel removal services to residents of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida.

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July 31, 2022
Pat Smith
Pat Smith
Excellent service.
Eugene Evanss
Eugene Evanss
Unknown to us, some pigeons had made our attic their home for years. The waste they had accumulated was downright disgusting - and, as I would soon discover, a severe health risk. Anyways, we only noticed the problem when I went to the attic to trace a leaky pipe. I was shocked by the amount of bird waste I saw. I promptly called this company, and they sent technicians to perform a full attic restoration. After they were done, you could not tell that I was dealing with a severe bird problem just the previous day. I was pleased with their service, and the price was worth it!
Sylvia Dorsey
Sylvia Dorsey
Andrew is a kind person and does a good job.He explain what he’s doing?If you need someone from Metro Wildlife ask for Andrew B.
Mike Prystowsky
Mike Prystowsky
Excellent service. Communicated well and eliminated the mole problem in my yard which was most important to me. The people were very informative and nice to talk with. They were prompt and came when scheduled. The service was expensive which is my only negative but all other aspects of my experience were positive.

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