Bird Control 

Only a handful of animals elicit the feeling of awe in humans as birds do. But despite their breathtaking elegance in flight, certain bird species can become problematic to humans. You have to experience a bird infestation problem to understand what I mean thoroughly.

Effective Bird Control

The southeastern part of the United States is home to several for those nuisance bird species. Common examples include starling, pigeons, finches, cattle egrets, house sparrows, etc. 

Some of the signs of a bird infestation include:

  • Loud noises (piercing and chirping sounds) coming from the roof.
  • Sighting of bird droppings around your property.
  • Sighting of bird nests and nesting materials
  • Physical sighting of birds. 

Some of the damages caused by these nuisance bird species include:

  • Eating fruits in the garden
  • Spreading of diseases like salmonella and coliform infections. 
  • Residing in attics, chimneys, and roofs. 
  • Structural deterioration of building due to the acidic nature of accumulated droppings. 

Bird Control Process

Birds can be difficult to control because of their ability to fly. However, at Metro Wildlife and Pest Control, we have honed different tactics for getting rid of birds in different scenarios. 

Our process involves:

Finding major attractants

Before any successful bird removal, it’s essential to identify why birds are attracted to your property. Is there easy access to food on your property? Bird seeds, fruits in the garden, and the likes? Is there an easily accessible roosting spot in your building? Armed with this knowledge, it becomes easy to develop a removal plan. 

Select the proper control method

Some of the most common methods for bird control include:

  • Bird spikes

Bird spikes can be installed in exterior areas where birds congregate. The pointed edges of the metal or plastic spikes force a no landing zone on the desired location. Spikes can be installed on narrow surfaces like ledges, signage, security cameras, and light posts.

  • Bird netting

If you want to create a semi-enclosed space inaccessible to birds, netting is the way to go. For instance, you can use netting to protect plants in your garden. 

  • Ultrasonic devices

These are bird deterrents that emit high pitch frequency noises uncomfortable to birds. The high-pitched nature of this sound makes it inaudible to the human ears. Hence, ultrasonic devices provide a seamless way to get rid of birds. 

  • Shock tracks

Shock tracks are devices that can be laid on surfaces where you want to deter birds from. The track delivers a mild shock once a bird lands on it, forcing the bird to leave immediately. The shock delivered by the track is nonfatal; hence, shock tracks are a humane way to get rid of birds. 

  • Exclusion

This technique can get rid of birds in enclosed spaces like the attic. All entry holes to the enclosed area are sealed up, except one. An exclusion device installed in the last hole prevents birds from getting back in once they leave. 

Other bird control methods include flash tapes, predator decoys, and drones. 

Clean up, decontamination and repairs.

After a successful bird removal, their droppings must be cleared off to reduce the risk of diseases. The infected space should also be disinfected. And in instances where damages have occurred – like the soiling of the insulation with bird droppings – the necessary repairs should be made. 

Bird Control is Difficult without professional help

Trying out bird removal yourself can be challenging and time-consuming. Unfortunately, the longer you let a bird infestation problem linger, it becomes worse. 

That’s why you need to contact Metro Wildlife and Pest Control today! We provide bird removal services to residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida.

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July 31, 2022
Pat Smith
Pat Smith
Excellent service.
Eugene Evanss
Eugene Evanss
Unknown to us, some pigeons had made our attic their home for years. The waste they had accumulated was downright disgusting - and, as I would soon discover, a severe health risk. Anyways, we only noticed the problem when I went to the attic to trace a leaky pipe. I was shocked by the amount of bird waste I saw. I promptly called this company, and they sent technicians to perform a full attic restoration. After they were done, you could not tell that I was dealing with a severe bird problem just the previous day. I was pleased with their service, and the price was worth it!
Sylvia Dorsey
Sylvia Dorsey
Andrew is a kind person and does a good job.He explain what he’s doing?If you need someone from Metro Wildlife ask for Andrew B.
Mike Prystowsky
Mike Prystowsky
Excellent service. Communicated well and eliminated the mole problem in my yard which was most important to me. The people were very informative and nice to talk with. They were prompt and came when scheduled. The service was expensive which is my only negative but all other aspects of my experience were positive.

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