Myrtle Beach Wildlife Removal Service

Metro Wildlife and Pest Control offers full-service pest and wildlife removal company in Myrtle Beach, SC and its surrounding areas. Our goal is to rid people of whatever pests are haunting them by coming out for inspections at no cost. Whether it’s rodent nests in the wall or bats flying around their home – all trouble with critters found within your own four walls can be solved by our trained professionals’ persistence and knowledge about the various types of pest animals! Our Myrtle Beach Wildlife Trapping teams will handle it. If you’re noticing droppings under the sink, hearing scratching in the odd places or think you have a problem that requires animal or wildlife removal in Myrtle Beach, please book a free inspection online so that we can help you resolve it. 

If you’ve noticed pests around your home, it could be a sign of bigger problems down the line. These animals could cause a lot of damage – chewing up insulation and leaving feces on carpets. They’ll even tear through walls in search for something to eat! To avoid having these animals lurking near your loved ones, give us at Metro Wildlife and Pest Control of Myrtle Beach a call. Trusting this job to someone who’s not qualified only leads to disappointment. Our seasoned technicians are trained to handle all types of wild animal invasions – safely removing them from your home without causing harm to themselves or the environment. Give us a call today and we’ll get started immediately!

We provide pest control services all throughout Myrtle Beach! It doesn’t matter how large or small your problem is – we’ll fix it for you. Whether it’s bats, skunks, rats, gophers, spiders, snakes–whatever animal–just call us and we’ll take care of it for you. Our service has been praised by homeowners from all around the area who don’t want to deal with these nuisances themselves; they know they can always count on us when they need someone fast and efficient.

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Pest Control has Shortcomings if it cannot offer Effective Wildlife Removal Services in Myrtle Beach.

Animal Removal is a different skill

It’s not just a myth: Animal removal in Myrtle Beach is a totally different beast than pest control. They use poisons mostly when dealing with rodents and insects. While this method of extermination isn’t wrong, its usage is inappropriate when you are trying to solve the problem of rats infestation, bats and other animals in the attic. What happens if these critters die inside? You can’t find them because of the smell! For this reason alone, there is an unspoken need for controlled wildlife trapping and wildlife removal in Myrtle Beach (and everywhere else).

Home Exclusion in Myrtle Beach

Animal Removal and Home Exclusion in Myrtle Beach

Additional Services that Metro Wildlife and Pest Control provides includes Home Exclusion in Myrtle Beach.  This is sealing off entryways for pests. Rats, raccoons, and squirrels need to be sealed off from returning back inside to keep all animals from sneaking back in after they’ve been removed from an infested area. Additionally, sealing the entryways prevents weather damage caused by those pesky rodents. When you call us we’ll come right away so you can go about your day without worrying about what unwanted guests might find a way back inside again

In a nutshell, if you’ve got an animal in your house – give us a call. Because even though every situation is different, one thing’s for sure: there’s no generic animal solution to these things! Sometimes the animals break through the ceilings and we need to do work up high. But don’t worry – once the wildlife trapping in Myrtle Beach is complete, we’ll seal them out too (and it’ll be good as new). So take care of those pesky animals today!  Please book a free inspection online or contact us for more details.

Animal Removal is an Essential Service in Myrtle Beach

Wildlife Trapping is an Essential Service

Not only does the company provide peace of mind when removing bats, rats, and other harmful invaders from your home, it also provides a surefire way to avoid being at risk for rabies, histoplasmosis, and hantavirus. Please visit the CDC for more information. It’s important to keep these pests from invading your attic, walls or crawlspace; so contact Metro Wildlife Removal in Myrtle Beach  We do Home Exclusion in Myrtle Beach too. 

Animal Control in Myrtle Beach

What’s the difference between Wildlife Removal in Myrtle Beach and Animal Control?

It’s important to know who to call when you have problems dealing with animals near your home. If it’s dogs and cats-with or without an owner, do not hesitate to contact the Myrtle Beach Animal Control Services office and they will give you all of the necessary information!  If it’s just about anything else, chances are good you’ll need wildlife removal in Myrtle Beach and not Animal Control.

Will Animal Control get Rid of Wildlife in my home in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach animal control will mostly deal with dogs and cats. However, they may take care of any other animals if their owners ask them to. Animal control services in Myrtle Beach can include taking a dog that’s running wild and bringing it back home, locating a lost pet and returning it safely, or trapping a stray cat so it can be checked for diseases or parasites. In addition, they may pick up stray dogs or cats if they’re afraid of people or won’t move from a public place.


Can animal control keep wildlife out of my home in Myrtle Beach?

If you live in the Myrtle Beach area, it’s important to know who to call if you need an animal removed from your property or want to find out if a dog you found has an owner. You can contact the Myrtle Beach Animal Control Services office, who will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns related to animals in the Myrtle Beach area.