Charleston Mole Removal Service

Metro Wildlife offers Mole removal service in the Charleston area.  Pest removal and pest control for moles in Charleston is a complex service.   Many exterminator services in the area won’t provide this service due to the soil in Charleston being sandier, which makes gassing them more difficult, and the fact that mole removal is more of a pest control operation than a wildlife removal one.

Pest Removal and Pest Control Service for Moles

Metro wildlife in pest is available to talk to you about your mole situation and let you know how we can help.   Book a free inspection online of contact us for more details.

We serve all areas in Charleston, SC including: Summerville, Mt Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Goose Creek, Daniel Island, Sullivans Island and Kiawah

What is the Mole Removal service in Charleston?

Our mole exterminator in Charleston service is a 2-phase service.   The first phase is a Pest Removal Phase for Moles.   It involves a combination of trapping, baiting, and gassing in key areas with the goal of the service being the extermination of the mole in the area.   There is usually only one or two in any given 300-yard area.   This phase takes 1-2 weeks and after that, the yard is mole free.

Unfortunately, the yard will likely not stay mole free forever.   Other moles will migrate into the yard.  Nature abhors a void, as they say.   Phase two is a pest control treatment aimed at deterring the moles from entering the yard.  It is a combination of chemical deterrent and occasional trapping as needed.   As part of the ongoing service in phase two, if you see mole activity in the yard, let us know and we’ll remove it as part of the service plan.  If you suspect a yard mole infestation, contact us today to get started!

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Can you guarantee that I’ll never have another mole ever again?

Unfortunately, no.  We can guarantee that your yard will have less mole activity than if there were no service at all.  Mole removal in Charleston is an ongoing task though.   As moles are exterminated from a yard, more moles move in.   There is no way to put up a physical barrier to prevent this.

Therefore, we have phase two of the treatment, which shifts focus from pest removal for moles to pest control for moles.   As part of the service agreement, we will actively deter moles from entering the yard and engage in active mole removal as needed.   Please contact us for more details.

Is the mole removal and pest control for moles treatment safe?

Yes (unless you’re a mole).   Our mole removal service has 2 areas that our customers are generally concerned about: traps and chemicals.   The traps for the mole removal service are set underground where they can’t be accessed, and the chemicals used in the pest control service for moles are all natural and non-toxic. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Please contact us for more details.

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Our friendly, highly trained technicians use effective and environmentally conscious methods to remove unwanted critters from your home or property. Whether you are dealing with rats, squirrels, raccoons, or something similar, we can get the job done! We understand the stress and concern that comes with having an uninvited animal guest in your space, but we’ll take the time to inspect, trap, remove, and clean, so you can get back to living your life.

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