Unless otherwise stated, warranty on any exclusion work is for 1 year of completion of initial work. Bats are covered by a 2-year warranty. It covers only the exclusion and no parts of the home or structure adjacent to exclusion site. If an animal breaches the exclusion while under warranty, we will re-trap, re-exclude at no additional charge (limit $1000). Warranty does not cover any cleanup or other related costs associated with re-intrusion. Warranty service can be extended yearly at 10% of original exclusion cost-subject to inspection.

Rat Warranty is indefinite but is contingent on having population control in place at the completion of service. As long as monthly service is in place, warranty is extended. Monthly service can be missed 1 month per year without impacting the warranty. If monthly service is cancelled and rodents return, client is responsible for subsequent trapping, removal and repair cost.