Squirrel Removal

Behavior & Risk of Squirrels in Your Home

Squirrels are a very common sight around neighborhoods in South Carolina, and while many of them nest in trees, some like to make their homes in attics. They thrive in suburban environments, and are very agile animals. While squirrels can be cute, they can also be quite a nuisance if they get into your home. Squirrels love any space that is warm, cozy, and off the ground, and may seek a new nest when giving birth to their young, which happens twice per year. Thankfully, the pros at Metro Wildlife and Pest have plenty of experience in trapping and removing squirrels, and we can help you take care of these unwanted critters.

Squirrel Removal Process

You may notice noises like scratching in your attic or walls around dawn or dusk, when squirrels are most active. You may also notice unpleasant smells or debris that may indicate a squirrel infestation. If you suspect that a squirrel has moved into your home, you need the best squirrel removal in Charleston! Most of these creatures enter the attic space by creating holes just under the roof line, so this is the first thing our team will assess. By fixing and sealing the holes, and trapping the squirrels, we can take care of your issue—typically in just a few days! Metro Wildlife also offers cleanup and sanitation services for after the squirrels are removed, as well as tree-trimming services, to prevent easy access to your roof.

When you want to take care of your squirrel problem in a way that’s quick, efficient, and humane, reach out to us at Metro Wildlife. We’re local leaders for Charleston squirrel removal, and we can solve your squirrel problems quickly. Schedule your free inspection today to get started.

Recommended Services

Clean Up

We recommend a cleanup of your attic to reduce odors as well as activity if any new droppings are detected in future inspections.


Sanitizing the affected areas will help reduce any lingering odors and kill any parasites that may have been left behind by the squirrels.

Tree Trimming

In many cases, trimming the trees on your property will keep the roof and other areas of your home isolated from the local squirrel population.

Gutter Guard

We’ll install gutter covers that act as a filter over your gutters.  They will block debris while still allowing water to flow and drain properly.