Snake Removal

Behavior & Risk of Snakes in Your Home

Out of all the wildlife that humans come in contact with, snakes are some of the most feared and disliked. Many people cringe at the thought of having a snake in their home or on their property, and likewise, many people won’t attempt to remove the creature on their own. Some snakes are poisonous, and some become aggressive when approached or touched. This is why it’s always a good idea to call a qualified Charleston snake removal company, like Metro Wildlife and Pest. We have the skills and experience needed to handle these types of unwanted animals on your property. While most snakes are harmless and come to your yard simply looking for food, it’s understandable if you don’t want them around. That’s where we can help.

Snake Removal & Remediation Process

Many snakes you may see in your yard may be passing through, but sometimes we see snakes that have made their homes under decks or sheds, accidentally found their way inside the house, or became trapped in a pool or screened-in porch. Whether you have a fear of snakes or you’re concerned about a pet coming in contact with one, it’s a great idea to call Metro Wildlife. We can trap and remove the snake, seal off the hole where they got in, and apply snake deterrent to your property.

If you are dealing with an unwanted snake, don’t attempt to handle it yourself. Let the pros take care of it for you. Metro Wildlife is the best snake removal service in Charleston, and we’ll address your snake problem right away. Reach out to us to schedule your free inspection today!

Recommended Services

Chemical Deterrent

Application of a smell-based deterrent will keep many snake species away. This is not a long lasting deterrent especially for hungry, more motivated snakes.

Food Source

Treating the yard and surrounding areas for rodents and insects will remove the snake’s food source and make your property a less desirable place for hunting.

Snake Traps

Traps are used as a last line of defense. The traps are placed at the foundation of your home and are effective against snakes looking for shelter.

Snake Snare

This outdoor snake control solution provides a barrier into your home or property.  Service available for removal of snakes and maintenance of the fence.