Pest Removal

Types of Pests We Will Remove

Nobody likes dealing with bugs or creepy crawlies in their home, and understandably so. Metro Wildlife and Pest is proud to offer comprehensive pest removal services in Charleston to address these unwanted visitors on your property. We can handle things like wasp and bee removal, ants, spiders, earwigs, and roaches—some of the most common pests in the area. We also partner with other Charleston insect control companies to handle larger infestations, as well as bed bugs or wood-burrowing insects. Whether you’re dealing with ants in your kitchen, spiders in your window wells, or a wasp nest on your porch, our team is here to help.

Invasion Areas & Prevention Tips

Not only are these insects unappealing to have around the home, but they can also cause some major inconveniences. Many of these insects are small enough to invade food storage areas and can get into bags or bins of food, especially if they’re not stored or sealed properly. Insects tend to congregate around spills or drips, and any areas of human food, potentially contaminating that food source and making it unfit for our consumption. Other insects may bite or sting, possibly resulting in health complications for some individuals. All of these reasons are why it’s important to have your local Charleston pest control company address the problem. Bugs, bees, and other unwanted creatures can be disruptive to your life, particularly if they’re not addressed right away.

Metro Wildlife is here to take care of your pest problem, so don’t delay in scheduling your free inspection. We’ll thoroughly assess your property, remove the pests, and recommend deterrent techniques to prevent future infestation. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Recommended Services

Pest Treatment

Bee, wasp, ant, fire ant, spider, roach, and earwig removals are all offered through our services. We do not treat heavy infestations, bed bugs, or wood destroying insects, however we do work with several partner companies that will help existing customers with treatment of pests that we do not treat.