Bat Removal

 Behavior & Risk of Bats in Your Home

While bats play an integral role in the South Carolina ecosystem, sometimes they can get into places where they don’t belong. Here at Metro Wildlife and Pest, we’re proud to offer quick and humane bat removal in Charleston, and we can take care of your bat problem with ease. Bats often like to roost in attic spaces of homes and other buildings, and they can squeeze through holes the size of a dime! Unfortunately, once bats have gotten into your home, they likely won’t leave on their own, and you’ll need to call a professional wildlife removal company. Once bats have roosted, they can create quite a mess. You may notice a buildup of bat poop (guano) on your walls, offensive odors, and noise.

Bat Removal & Remediation Process

Bats are considered highly beneficial creatures, especially for controlling the insect population, and therefore cannot be killed by an exterminator. However, our Charleston bat removal process is effective and humane, within the legal guidelines. We will inspect your home and identify how the bats got in, then seal off entry points and create one-way returns so the bats may leave, but won’t be able to get back in. Bat remediation comes with several steps, which is why it’s essential to hire a professional! Metro Wildlife can remove your bat problem, seal common entry points like roof returns, clean up the mess and debris, and sanitize the area, so you can finally rest well at night.

If you’re looking for the best bat removal services in the area, let us help. Our team of highly trained technicians can assist you in taking back your home, without causing harm to the wildlife. We offer free inspections, so book yours today to better understand your options for bat removal.

Recommended Services

Clean Up

A clean-up of your attic or affected area is highly recommended.  The removal of droppings will help reduce odors and help identify activity in future inspections.


This process will help reduce any lingering odors, kill any parasites that may have been carried, and reduce the possibility of histoplasmosis transmission.

Yard Treatment

Bats suppress the bug population around the home through predation.  A yard treatment will ensure the insects don’t return once the bats are removed.