Armadillo Removal

Behavior & Risk of Armadillos in Your Home

Armadillos are not native to the United States, but after migrating from South America, they’ve become commonplace in the southern region. These creatures are impressive diggers, and can quickly burrow under the ground, sometimes creating multiple burrows in the same yard. They also like to dig up lawns in search of their favorite foods, which are grubs and worms. While armadillos are generally harmless and docile creatures, they can cause a lot of unwanted damage to your property. Metro Wildlife is here to help you, if you suspect that an armadillo has taken over your yard. We’re the best armadillo removal experts in Charleston, and you can count on us to go the extra mile to take care of these unwanted guests.

Armadillo Removal Process

Even though these animals aren’t considered to be very intelligent, and they sleep nearly 20 hours per day, armadillos can be a challenge to remove. They are pervasive in this region, and are persistent diggers! Armadillo removal requires skill and patience, but our team of wildlife experts is here to assist you. We have many different techniques that we use when confronted with a nuisance armadillo, including prevention and deterrent techniques, as well as humane trapping and food source removal (yard treatment). When approached from many angles, armadillo removal can be successful, and you can rest well knowing that we’re here to monitor the situation.

Metro Wildlife is proud to offer the best Charleston armadillo removal services, delivered with our signature friendly and reliable customer care. If you notice digging or burrowing in your yard, it’s time to schedule a free inspection. We can assess your property and make recommendations for an armadillo removal strategy. Reach out to us today to get started!

Recommended Services

Yard Flying Insect Treatment

Armadillos feed on the larvae of bugs in the ground. Treating the adult bugs will help slow down the food source in the yard, making it less likely that they will find the area surrounding the site as a desirable place to stay.