Alligator Removal

Behavior & Risk of Alligators

Alligators are becoming more commonplace in suburban areas, thanks to a shrinking habitat and lack of food resources. They typically live in lakes, ponds, canals, and other small bodies of water, but will sometimes come onto land, often causing fear. Alligators may pose a threat to smaller pets, as they’ve been known to catch them for food. And while gators don’t usually harm humans, larger ones or ones that have become trapped may be considered dangerous. If you have noticed an alligator stalking your property, or one that’s become trapped in a pool or fence, it’s important to reach out to Metro Wildlife and Pest right away. We are Charleston alligator removal experts, and we can solve your problem with prompt and professional service.

Call Us For Alligator Removal Services

These reptiles are smart and agile hunters, and while they don’t harbor many diseases that can harm us, they aren’t often welcome in our towns and cities. Depending on their size and the current season, alligators can be a nuisance to those with small children or pets. It’s understandable that, if you see a large wandering gator, you’d want to call an alligator removal service in Charleston! Often, these creatures can be humanely caught and relocated to a better area that is away from human populations. Our team of experienced wildlife control experts here at Metro Wildlife can handle your alligator issue, or can refer you to the local fish and game commission.

Got a hungry gator on your property? See a gator trapped in a pool or under a car? Don’t just ignore it and potentially put lives at risk. Call Metro Wildlife and let us figure out the best, legal, and humane strategy for your alligator removal. We offer free inspections, so reach out today!