Myrtle Beach Mole Infestation: Signs and Solutions

Myrtle Beach Mole Infestation: Signs and Solutions

Moles are small underground mammals that inhabit various parts of the world, including Myrtle Beach. These creatures primarily feed on insects, worms, and even small animals, causing damage to lawns and landscapes in the process. Dealing with a mole infestation can be a frustrating experience for homeowners and gardeners alike. In this article, we will discuss the signs of mole infestation in Myrtle Beach and effective solutions to control these pests.

Signs of Mole Infestation in Myrtle Beach

Moles are tunneling animals that dig networks of underground tunnels in search of food. As such, the primary sign of a mole infestation is the presence of raised molehills or ridges in your lawn or garden. These mounds of soil are created when moles push soil to the surface while digging their tunnels. Another sign of a mole infestation is the appearance of surface tunnels or runways, which can be identified by the raised ridges created by the mole’s travels.

Another indicator of a mole infestation is damage to the roots of plants and grass. Moles are known to damage plants by eating their roots or disrupting the soil around them, which can cause them to wither and die. Finally, moles can also attract other pests, such as voles or mice, which can further damage your lawn or garden.

Effective Solutions for Mole Control in Myrtle Beach

There are various ways to control moles in Myrtle Beach, ranging from natural remedies to professional pest control services. One effective solution is to use mole repellents, such as castor oil or garlic, which can be placed around the perimeter of your lawn or garden to deter moles from entering. Another method is to use bait stations, which will attract moles and kill them with poison.

For a more permanent solution, professional mole control services may be necessary. These services use specialized equipment, such as traps and tunnels, to capture and remove moles from your property. Additionally, professionals can provide advice on how to prevent future mole infestations by minimizing food sources and creating a less hospitable environment for moles.

In conclusion, mole infestations can cause significant damage to your lawn and garden in Myrtle Beach. By being aware of the signs of a mole infestation and using effective solutions, such as mole repellents, bait stations, or professional pest control services, you can effectively control these pests and prevent further damage to your property. If you suspect a mole infestation, contact Metro Wildlife Control for expert advice and assistance.

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