Mole Behavior Patterns: Insights for Charleston Property Owners

Understanding Mole Behavior Patterns

Moles are known for their ability to dig tunnels, which makes them a nuisance for property owners. Their behavior patterns are crucial to understand in order to control and prevent their presence on your Charleston property. Moles are small, burrowing mammals that belong to the Talpidae family. They have a cylindrical body, small eyes, and strong, paddle-like feet that enable them to dig tunnels underground.

One of the characteristics that make moles difficult to control is their behavior pattern. Moles are solitary creatures and prefer to live in underground tunnels. They are active throughout the year but become more active during the spring and fall seasons. Moles are nocturnal, which means they are active at night and rest during the day. They are also territorial and will fight if they invade each other’s tunnels.

How Property Owners in Charleston Can Benefit

Understanding mole behavior patterns is essential for property owners in Charleston who want to prevent or control mole infestations. Property owners can take advantage of this knowledge to prevent mole damage, save money, and protect their landscapes from mole disturbances.

By understanding the mole’s behavior patterns, property owners can identify signs of mole activity, such as raised tunnels in the lawn, mounds of dirt, and damaged plants. They can also take preventive measures like installing physical barriers to prevent moles from accessing their property. Additionally, property owners can use humane mole traps to catch and relocate moles before they cause significant damage.

Ultimately, by understanding mole behavior patterns, Charleston property owners can take proactive steps to prevent and control mole infestations. This knowledge can help them maintain a beautiful lawn and landscape, and save money by minimizing damage caused by moles.


In conclusion, moles are a common pest problem for property owners in Charleston. Understanding their behavior patterns is crucial to prevent and control mole infestations. By taking proactive measures like installing barriers and using humane traps, property owners can protect their landscapes and save money. Metro Wildlife Control provides effective mole control services for property owners in Charleston, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any pest control needs.

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