Welcome to Metro Wildlife, your wildlife removal experts in Columbia, SC. We’re a full-service wildlife control and remediation company, and if your home has been taken over by pest animals, we’re here to help. We remove, relocate, deter, and clean up after pest wildlife.

Bat removal- While they play an important part in our ecosystem, bats don’t belong in your attic or shed! Our team can remove and relocate your bats with ease.

Rat removal- Rats tend to congregate in human spaces, where there is ample food and shelter. But it’s important to remove them as soon as you can! Call us for help.

Raccoon removal- These scavenging animals love to make nests in sheds, attics, and other parts of your property. Let us trap and remove them for you!

Squirrel removal- They might be cute, but they can be very destructive and messy. If you have squirrels living in your home, our team can handle them.

Many pest animals aren’t aggressive toward humans, but they can cause tremendous damage to your property, chewing through things like siding, wires, and insulation. These critters can squeeze through gaps in your roof or cracks in your walls, leaving droppings, food waste, and other debris for you to clean up later. Plus, some of these wild animals can even endanger your health as well—many carry diseases that can shed in their feces, urine, fur, or saliva. Thankfully, you can count on us at Metro Wildlife to take care of your pest animal problem. We’re proud to offer the best wildlife control in Columbia. 

Removal- We use the most humane and environmentally conscious trapping methods, and can capture many different animals of all shapes and sizes.

Prevention- Deter pest animals from entering your home or property! Our team can seal, patch, and reinforce your home’s entry points.

Cleanup- Animal waste and building debris can be hazardous to handle, so let us do it for you. We’ll clean up and sanitize after removing the pests.

Metro Wildlife is here to assist you with any non-domestic animal problem. From moles and squirrels to bats and possums, you can count on us to be your Columbia wildlife removal and remediation company that can help you reclaim your life from unwanted wild animals. 

Get in touch with us today to schedule your free inspection for wildlife removal in Columbia!