Mole Removal

Moles are often considered to be every gardener’s nightmare, thanks to the rapid destruction they bring. Moles are burrowing creatures that like to dig tunnels under the ground, often uprooting plants, flowers, and pretty much anything in their path. 

Behavior & Risk of Moles in Your Home

These creatures also leave “mole hills,” which are upturned mounds of dirt scattered throughout the lawn. While moles are docile and prefer to keep to themselves, they can wreak havoc on your property if not adequately controlled. Here at Metro Wildlife and Pest, we offer mole removal, and will go above and beyond to help you rid your home of these unwanted guests.

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Wildlife Removal Services We Offer

Metro Wildlife and Pest is a full-service wildlife control, removal and remediation company. If your home or property has been taken over by unwanted pests, we will use the most humane animal removal methods possible and provided home exclusion to ensure they don’t come back.

Bat Removal

Bats may be beneficial for the ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean they need to live in your attic! We can provide home exclusion to remove and relocate bats with ease.

Rat Removal Charleston

Rat Removal

Rats love to be around humans, where the food is plentiful. If you have rats in your home, it’s important to have wildlife control services as soon as possible.

Raccons Removal

Raccoons are scavengers that like to make their nests in attics, sheds, and other human dwellings. Conventional animal trappers may unnecessarily harm them

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels may be cute, but they can create quite a mess. If you have squirrels nesting in your attic, our wildlife removal service can take care of them quickly.

Mole Removal & Remediation Process

Because moles are persistent diggers, always on the search for underground food sources, they can be very destructive and hard to remove. However, not all is lost, when you work with the best wildlife control professionals in the area. We will take our time to thoroughly assess your property, place appropriate trapping, and recommend deterrent techniques like yard treatments to remove the food sources that attract these animals. Moles can quickly destroy your lawn and garden if not addressed, sometimes resulting in serious and expensive issues like collapsing or erosion. Thankfully, Metro Wildlife is here for you, if you need mole removal services.

If you suspect that your yard has moles, it’s important that you call us right away to schedule your free inspection. Don’t let the problem go unchecked, and don’t try to take care of them yourself. Our team of wildlife removal experts can trap, remove, and deter, within the legal and environmental guidelines. Reach out to us today to get started.

All Animal Removal Services Available

Our friendly, highly trained technicians use effective and environmentally conscious methods to remove unwanted critters from your home or property. Whether you are dealing with rats, squirrels, raccoons, or something similar, we can get the job done! We understand the stress and concern that comes with having an uninvited animal guest in your space, but we’ll take the time to inspect, trap, remove, and clean, so you can get back to living your life.

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Professional animal removal, pest control, and remediation services in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

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Professional animal removal, pest control and remediation services in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. 

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